Five channel video installation, Commissioned for the 4th Athens Biennale AGORA, 2013
Reaching Re-Birth examines management and care of the 'self' as a way of overcoming hardship and explores how ‘techniques of the self’ can aid citizens of recession hit Greece; where a half broken state and systems ‘which only makes things worse’ have made the a to ‘fend-for-oneself’ imperative.
2013 was hailed as the year of 'Greece's re-birth' in the ongoing political discourse about recovery. To address how life coaching has become increasingly relevant to practices of citizenship and individual survival in changing societies, where we are increasingly expected to take responsibility for our own welfare. ICF coaches from around the world were invited to employ their guidelines and strategies to aid citizens in approaching re-birth. The resulting self filmed, instructional videos offering diverse self management techniques are presented as a five channel video installation.
Reaching Re-birth was commissioned for the 4th Athens Biennale AGORA, 2013, which had the question ‘Now What?’ as it’s starting point. For more information please visit:
In collaboration with Aura Seikkula.
With special thanks to Katerina Kanelidou president of the ICF Greek chapter.
Supported by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
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